A/B & Multivariate Testing that reads the room

A focused experimentation platform, integrated with customer surveys for a complete picture.

Image of an A/B Testing Report

Testing Capabilities

All the capabilities a modern team needs to run its digital experimentation program

Flexible Setup

Designed from the ground up for use by developers and non-technical users alike.

  • WYSIWYG or bring your own JS
  • Mobile SDKs
  • REST APIs for backend use
Deploy and Launch Safely

  • Alerts and Guardrail metrics
  • Sample Ratio Mismatch warnings
  • QA-Only and Preview modes for review
  • Optionally self-host or require MFA/2FA to launch to production
Advanced Reporting
  • A/B and MVT/ANOVA test analysis
  • Choose one- or two-tailed analysis, with built‑in duration calculators
  • Extra-credit stats like standard errors, T‑scores, and F‑tests
  • Confidence intervals for both treatment effect and conversion rates

Robust Reporting

For every experimentation use case

  • Purpose-built reporting for one or two-tailed analysis
  • Confidence Intervals for both Conversion Values and Treatment Effects
  • Easy to segment for ad hoc analysis to drive insights for future experiments

Multivariate Analysis for MVTs

“Where do improvements matter most for our customers?”

Conductrics MVT helps you answer this important question.

  • Test if there is any aggregate impact across multiple treatment types (e.g Hero, Offer, Headline)
  • Check for any likely interactions between the treatment types
  • Predict the Best Combination of treatment types
  • Decompose how much of the impact is due to each treatment type
  • Review the underlying statistical measures (Sum of Squares, F-Tests, P-Values)

Setup Options for Every Team Member

Set up test variations using WYSIWYG, Custom JS, Page Redirects, or rich Developer APIs. Technical or non-technical, use what's right for you and your test.

One of our 3 pillars

Start a virtuous cycle

Conductrics integrates Testing, Machine Learning, and Customer Surveys to finally let you understand both the what and why.

Rethink what data-driven means. Let customer feedback inform your experiments, and confirm the outcome with followup surveys.

Integrated modules
We believe the true power of customer experience optimization can be only unlocked when experimentation and research are treated as one, like a film and its soundtrack.
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