Unified Customer Experience Platform
Surveys, Predictions, & Experiments
Together at Last.

Optimize for the long term by measuring behavior together with customer attitudes.

Conductrics combines Testing, Machine Learning, and Surveys to explain both the what and the why.

Optimize for the long term by measuring behavior together with customer attitudes.

Test for Satisfaction

Traditional Experimentation solutions have been transactional, with a short-term view. Blind to customer satisfaction, loyalty, and relationships.

Wouldn’t it be great to report on immediate revenue wins and improvements to NPS scores?

Other testing solutions only let you measure customer behavior. Conductrics measures changes in both customer attitudes, plus behavioral measures such as conversions, submits, and revenue. Simultaneously.

Image of a line chart showing relationships between revenue and satisfaction over time

Take Action Based on Conversions and Brand Loyalty

Conductrics integrates Testing, Audience Predictions, and Customer Surveys to answer both the “what” and “why”.

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Run A/B and Multivariate Tests at scale, via WYSIWYG or your own code.

  • For SPAs, Mobile, REST APIs
  • Guardrails to Detect Problems
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Harness the power of Machine Learning to predict key audiences.

  • Identify Audiences of Interest
  • Privacy by Design
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NPS Scores and other market research, matched back to your testing program.

  • Integrated with your A/B Tests
  • Take Immediate Action
“Using Conductrics has transformed how we approach the goal of personalization because it gives us the ability to test our hypotheses at every major step along our creative journey and ensures that our customer-facing presentation is optimized around data and science, and not opinion. The logic, flexibility and integrated feature set means we have the most robust platform available to help us optimize for our complex corporate projects.”
“The new market research capability from Conductrics is a game-changer for our clients and the industry. Now, every Conductrics client has the ability to fully understand the 'why' behind the 'what' of their experimentation results - all in the same platform. But the feature I’m most excited about is the ability to use survey responses as goals in future tests - so every new test I run can include task completion or satisfaction survey questions and I can see - in my test results view - exactly how each treatment affected those metrics along with my primary KPI. Game-changer!”
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