Surveys that Answer What Works and Why

Answer difficult questions with the only Survey tool directly tied to experimentation.

Survey response screenshot

Easy Survey Setup

Ask for industries, areas of interest, or targeting preferences. Get an NPS-style rating, or direct feedback/comments. One question, or many.

Illustration suggesting a pie chart and survey response

Integrated with A/B Testing

Conductrics provides direct links between surveys and A/B tests. Answer WHAT works from the testing results, as well as WHY it works from the survey responses.

Look at survey responses by A/B test variation
Filter and analyze survey answers as "segments" when looking at your A/B test reporting

Use NPS Scores as guardrail metrics for your A/B Test

Guardrail metrics

Know the conversion impact of running the survey, by testing the survey itself versus a holdout group

Conversion impact of a survey

Respond in Real Time

Need to respond to visitors that answer a survey in a certain way? Conductrics enables you to take immediate action in reaction to survey responses, even on the same page.

Show a different featured article depending on a "What's Your Industry" type question
Extend a special offer to your NPS Promoters, or exclude the offer from NPS Detractors
Include or exclude visitors from A/B tests, depending on their survey answers
Illustration suggesting action based on survey responses
One of our 3 pillars

Start a virtuous cycle

Conductrics integrates Testing, Machine Learning, and Customer Surveys to finally let you understand both the what and why.

Rethink what data-driven means. Let customer feedback inform your experiments, and confirm the outcome with followup surveys.

Integrated modules
We believe the true power of customer experience optimization can be only unlocked when experimentation and research are treated as one, like a film and its soundtrack.
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