Discover audiences that respond best per experience

Conductrics Predict learns which customer segments prefer different experiences. As easily and responsibly as running an A/B test.

Report showing various weighted probabilities

Machine Learning You Can Use Today

Simple yet robust, Conductrics Predict is purpose-built to understand which visitors respond to which of your experiences. And it's as safe and easy to implement as an A/B Test.

Interpretable AI

Our innovative machine learning approach allows you to easily understand which of your variations the AI recommends for whom, and why.

  • Builds a model for you, automatically
  • Learns which segments prefer what
  • One easy-to-understand report
Audience Discovery

Our AI discovers the sets of visitor traits that respond best to each of your content variations.

  • Uses built-in visitor traits
  • Plus your custom visitor traits you have defined and whitelisted
  • Interesting combinations of traits highlighted in a decision-tree style report
Learn Preferences

Even if you don't want the AI to take action, you can still see what it would recommend. This can give you a better understanding of preferences amongst your customers.

  • Check out the audience reporting and share with your colleagues
  • Later, just flip a switch to let the AI use its recommendations in real time

You're In Control

Conductrics Predict works in either Listen and Learn or Learn and Apply modes

Illustration suggesting a learning model

Listen and Learn

In Listen and Learn mode, Conductrics delivers experiences like an A/B Test, by selecting the experience randomly.

Using Machine Learning, Conductrics will build a model that discerns which visitor traits help predict customer responsiveness to the different experiences.

You can view the results in our Audiences Report.

Illustration suggesting a pie chart and survey response

Learn and Apply

Alternatively, Conductrics Predict can be set to adaptive mode.

In adaptive mode, Conductrics consults the Audiences Report in real time, picking the "recommended" experience for each customer based on how likely they are to respond.

This mode is optional, and you are free to start in Listen and Learn mode first.

One of our 3 pillars

Start a virtuous cycle

Conductrics integrates Testing, Machine Learning, and Customer Surveys to finally let you understand both the what and why.

Rethink what data-driven means. Let customer feedback inform your experiments, and confirm the outcome with followup surveys.

Integrated modules
We believe the true power of customer experience optimization can be only unlocked when experimentation and research are treated as one, like a film and its soundtrack.
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