About Us

At Conductrics, we’ve always been focused on building an optimization platform that can be used anywhere, useful to developers and marketers alike.

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Our Story

Conductrics was born at an industry conference back in 2008. We saw an opportunity to create a optimization-obsessed platform that elevates the search, exploration and discovery experience across every channel, for each customer.

Since 2009, Conductrics has been at the center of the optimization strategy for dozens of companies, delivering decision-making at scale, reducing the IT debt of legacy technology and bringing data-informed intelligence and refinement across the enterprise. Marketers, product managers, and eCommerce professionals responsible for customer experiences can continuously optimize the customer journey, while IT departments benefit from the platform’s simplicity and ease of integration with their existing technology stack.


Matt Gershoff
Matt Gershoff

Matt has over 20 years of industry experience helping some of the world’s largest brands optimize their digital and database marketing.

With graduate degrees in both AI and Economics, he brings a close eye and strong theoretical foundation when applying stats and machine learning to concrete business solutions.

Nate Weiss
Nate Weiss

Nate is a software developer with 30 years of experience building web and backend applications in commerce, medical, and other industries.

Before Conductrics, was was also the author of several programming books. He enjoys providing tools that enable others to expand the scope of their own work. He also makes a decent berry pie.