Built for Flexibility and Control

Conductrics provides the tools needed to run experiments and surveys correctly and responsibly.

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Hosting Options

Some companies want an environment they control. Others prefer a fully-hosted solution with zero maintenance. We work with you to determine what's best for your operations.

Global map showing datacenter locations
Dedicated Servers

Conductrics customers each get their own dedicated environment.

  • Your choice of primary geo-region and major cloud provider.
  • Data is never co-mingled or stored with other companies'.
  • Updates and improvements are applied at your convenience, not ours.
  • SLAs are available - let us know what you require.

Self-hosting options
Optional Self-Hosting

If you prefer to consolidate your operations, you can self-host instead of using our hosting infrastructure.

  • If you're using our client-side web solutions, you can self-host the JS file that contains your active tests, optimizations, and surveys.
  • Self-hosting can make it easier to comply with a strict Content-Security-Policy, and can be good for companies that don't want to trust third-party scripts.
  • You can also self-host our REST API for mobile or server-side use, so you remain in full control of your Conductrics implementation.

Data Privacy & Integrity

Privacy By Design

Rather than a strategy of proactively watching and recording everything your visitors do, Conductrics was designed from the ground up to store as little information needed to run your A/B tests and other projects.

Aggregated Reporting Data

For Testing and Predictions, we keep only the minimum information required to provide the aggregated counts and other statistics we provide in our reporting. No IPs or Customer IDs need be exposed to or stored by Conductrics.

Bring Your Own Database

For surveys, you can provide your own database to store the individual survey responses. This places the records directly under your control, where you can apply your internal data governance practices directly.

Deploy targets
Control over rollouts

Deploy With Confidence

Testing and market research only works if everyone trusts the implementation. Conductrics provides tools to carry out experiments and surveys correctly and safely.

"Deploy Targets" for Staging vs Production
Assign Deploy Targets to Teams for control
Optionally require separate 2FA/MFA to deploy
Preview options
Confidence during implementation

QA and Preview

Tools to verify that your tests and surveys are just right before launching.

Start new tests in QA-Only Mode to keep them private until ready
Create Preview Links to share progress with other teams or agencies
Easily pre-select which variation(s) should be selected during QA
View detailed logs during the QA process to verify correct behavior
Notification Options
Condidence Through Awareness

Notifications and Alerts

To keep on top of your Conductrics implementation and day-to-day operations.

Recieve via Email, Slack, or Google Chat.
Get notified when tests and surveys are started, stopped, or get promoted to production.
Team members can sign up to get daily updates about a test's progress
Heads-up style alerts about Sample Ratio Mismatch (SRM) and other red flags

Team-Based Organization

Simple management tools to assign team responsibilities appropriately.


Keep users, tests, and optimization projects organized with teams. Use roles to grant the right access levels.

Access Roles

Let all your users view reports, while letting only certain users set up tests, and others the ability to push to production.

Multi-Factor Auth

Protect your account with Two-Factor Authentication (TOTP 2FA/MFA). Optionally require 2FA again to deploy to production. SSO via SAML also supported.

Assigning work